1120 Cahoon Hollow Rd Wellfleet, MA   +1 (508) 349-6055


What's your phone/fax/address/email?

Phone: 508-349-6055 ~ fax: 508-349-1953 and the mailing address: P.O. Box 1409 ~ Wellfleet, MA 02667 CLICK HERE FOR EMAIL CONTACT FORM.

Are you hiring for summer jobs?

Yes. The Beachcomber is a great place to work for the summer. We’re extremely busy for the short summer season that we’re open (Memorial Day – Labor Day). If you are an experienced Restaurant/Bar person, or are willing to be trained, a hard worker, one who can participate in a “team” effort (we usually have approximately seventy employees), and can be flexible with number of day and night hours and shifts worked, you may qualify to work at one of the most unique locations in the world. We are accepting applications for the following positions: host / hostess, waitstaff, kitchen prep, line cooks, doormen, cashier/retail clothing sales staff, parking lot attendants and bar backs.  CLICK HERE TO APPLY ONLINE.

Do you do host / allow private parties to rent the Beachcomber?

We get lots of requests for private parties and as rule we don’t do them. We are open to the public for a short season (95-100 days); we don’t have any separate  function facilities, and are unwilling to close to our regular customers. We won’t open before Memorial Day, and  won’t stay open after Labor Day Monday. That being said, we do cater to large parties for lunch or dinner, and have some limited availability for private parties (100+ people)in June on days we’re closed.  Check out our CALENDAR and any of the days that say “closed” there is a possibility of booking a private event.

When is the 'Comber open?

From the Thursday before Memorial Day to Labor Day Monday since 1978. *(We are open Thurs. – Mon. on Memorial Day Weekend,  Fri. – Sun. for the next two weekends, and open full time on the third Fri. in June. If you check our CALENDAR we have the early season schedule clearly marked.) During the season (after mid-June) we are open from 11:30am – 1am.

Is my donation to any of the charities you host tax deductible?

No. We are not a non-profit and cannot offer you a tax-deduction for your contributions to charities we host. Instead, we offer you something in return (i.e. a season’s pass, entertainment, food, advertising, etc.).

What is the Ultimate Season Pass good for?

The Ultimate Season Pass is a credit card sized pass that entitles the holder to free parking in the Beachcomber Parking Lot, reduced or free admission to special events (does not include national acts) and a 10% discount on items purchased at the route 6 store.  it can also be used to scrape the wax off your board! CLICK HERE TO BUY ONE ONLINE.

Do we have to pay to park at the Beachcomber?

The Wellfleet Town Lot (on the ocean side of the building) charges $20. (9am-4pm) for all day parking. (There is no charge after 4pm or at night) The Beachcomber Lot (in back of the building) charges $20. (10am-4pm) and issues a voucher that can be redeemed inside the restaurant for food and drinks. (Full value) Please keep in mind that BOTH lots fill up in the summer.(Between 11:30am – Noon on weekdays, and at 11:00am on weekends.) After they are full, it’s one out and one in for the rest of the day . (Until 4-4:30pm when the beach-goers start to head home.) There is additional pay – per – day parking at White Crest Beach (3/4 mile to the south).

Can we come with our large group / party bus?

While we definitely appreciate the business, history has told us that party buses are often a big problem at the Beachcomber.  Oftentimes, copious amounts of drinking goes on before you even get to the club and then we are assigned the task of babysitting for your more inebriated friends.  We welcome you all to come have a good time and dance and celebrate but be forewarned that if anyone is already visibly intoxicated when they arrive, they will not be allowed inside the club.  Once inside the club we will will not tolerate drunken, rowdy, group behavior.  If this is some kind of bachelorette /reunion type party, please be advised we do not allow ‘props’ inside the club.  Wedding veils, inflatable dolls, x rated straws, group t-shirts, and the like are all prohibited.  We want your group to ‘mix in’ with our crowd, not stand out from it.