Welcome to the beachcomber production page. Please advance your show via email or by phone. It is very helpful to know in advance what you need. This is especially important if you are traveling with your own engineer. Stage plots and input lists are welcome. If you are an opening act, check to see if you are listed on the calendar, If you are not, let me know because no one tells me anything. Also you might want to ask politely to be put on the calendar. Opening acts that advance their shows are really cool. If you know the band you are opening for, or even if you don’t, try and contact them about sharing gear. Our lives will be collectively better if you can share a single drum set and bass amp.

The stage is 8′ by 14′ . We can provide up to 8 monitor mixes, but If you need more than four wedges, you need to ask ahead.

Someone called our method “Festival sound” because the fact that we are in a working restaurant with patrons being server on the stage until 9:00, so setup time is minimal.

System: Behringer X32 for house and monitors
JBL 260 (BSS) system controller
3 JBL srx722 (Dual 12″ with 2″ 90 by 40 degree horns)
2 JBL SRX728s (Single 18″ subs)
4 QSC PLX3602 (power amps bridged for mono into 4 ohms total 24,000 watts)
4 QSC k10’s for monitors
Mics: (6) Shure sm58, (8) Shure sm57,(1) Shure beta52, 4 Radial DIs.

Additional mics and Backline available: BY REQUEST.

Please send technical rider to Chris Blood chrisATsonictroutDOTcom 508.292.5392
Contact Chris directly for more information.