Chandler Travis + White Denim

Like our fancy greeting? Hope so, but sadly, that’s all the Spanish you’ll find. Some more Duo Lingo sessions is sorely needed. Before the Spanish lessons continue, let’s see what is happening this week down on Cahoon Hollow.
Tuesday night it’s DJ Bud E. Green laying down some tracks that will get you out on the dance floor. $10 at the door, or free with season pass.
Oh! Did you know we’re open full time? You should definitely know that. So any day you want to come out for lunch or dinner, you can. Hence the being open full time. First some Spanish, and now hence – this is one fancy newsletter.
Alright, so Friday night a Beachcomber icon, Chandler Travis is back with the Chandler Travis Philharmonic which features trumpeter extraordinaire, Kami Lyle. You can get your tickets right here The show starts at 9. That’s What She Said, no, that’s not a Michael Scott joke, it’s the name of a song  And this song, Daisies is awfully sweet.
The next night, that would be Saturday, June 30, it’s White Denim, winging their way here all the way from Austin, Texas. We’re really excited about this band. They’ve got such a great sound. Listen to this – like right now, you can spare three minutes. We will wait…. See? This one is pretty awesome too. You can now rush right over and order those tickets right here
before we release you back to your work, We have to remind you that DJ Emerson will be here Sunday night,
And, in case the days are whizzing by and you aren’t keeping track, the 4th of July is next week. To celebrate in style we will have Pink Talking Fish here on Tuesday and Wednesday – the 3rd and 4th.  Here’s a little sample of their work It’s a holiday and bound to be crowded, so get your tickets now –
Well, that about does it for us. You are all busy people, and we’ve given you several tasks to complete – buying tickets, marking your calendars…we don’t want to overwhelm you. So four now we will bid you adieu, and see you down at the beach.
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